For more information on the Scottish Coastal Rowing Association please visit:

Scottish Coastal Rowing is a new sport that’s taking Scotland by storm as people of all ages and abilities are get together to build boats for their communities and row them in regattas and boat festivals around the Scottish coast. It’s been proving very popular with over 30 communities rushing to build boats so far and, with 9 already launched, hundreds of people have enjoyed the teamwork required to build and race their boats, have made new friends within their communities and found a fun and satisfying way to get more exercise and enjoy the beauty of our coastal scenery.

Each boat needs a standard crew of four rowers and a coxswain and is shared amongst it’s community’s rowers so they can form teams – from under 20s to over 60s, men’s, women’s or mixed – to take part in the various races both locally and further afield. The boats, known as St Ayles Skiffs, are based on Fair Isle skiffs, and are 22 ft long and 5′ 8″ wide. They arrive in kit form and it is possible for complete novices to help build them, although woodworking skills are definitely recommended. Each skiff is funded by grants, donations and fundraising projects.

If you are interested in building or rowing a skiff or making a donation to the club please get in touch.


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