If you want to row…

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… come along to Goat Island, up beside the slipway, on Wednesday 26th August, 7:30pm, and give it a try. Everyone is welcome, experienced or otherwise.

Not rowed before? Don’t be shy, we’re all still learning. It takes a little while to learn to row together as a team and catching crabs and looking like a drunken spider is all part of the fun 🙂


Open to all. If you’ve just discovered coastal rowing come along and find out more.

Lots to discuss, mainly the need for a launching trolley and trailer – anyone with suggestions please come along. We also need to decide on a regular night for taking Madadh Ruadh out as well as options for spontaneous rows when ever club members get a group together.

Hopefully the meeting will last no more than an hour which will give us plenty time to go for a row afterwards – she’s just at the other end of Goat Island after all 😉

BBC Alba’s documentary on the build of Madadh Ruadh and the resurgence of coastal rowing throughout Scotland is on tonight, 22nd August, at 9pm.

Lets row…

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Come for a row on Monday 15th August at 7:30pm. If enough of you make it along we can have a few timed races otherwise it will be a leisurely row along the harbour. The tide is high just before 9pm so putting her back will be easy enough. We have floatation aids and lifejackets now so all you need to bring is yourselves.

Festival frolics…

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Madadh Ruadh was recently the star of the show during the Sail Hebrides rowing races. Under glorious sunshine and on almost mirror like waters the teams took turns rowing her against the clock along the length of the esplanade, around a buoy and back to the line. It was close, very close, with only seven seconds separating the fastest two teams but the team taking Madadh Ruadh to her first victory was the spectacularly named “Norwegian Martin and the Dominators”.

Time to row…

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I still can’t quite believe Madadh Ruadh is in the water. Well, so to speak. After her launch she was carefully and fondly tucked up back in the shed for safe keeping until we find somewhere permanent to keep her. I have to say a huge thank you to everybody who helped build her! She is an absolute joy 🙂

We’ll have her at Cuddy Point tonight at 7:30pm for anyone who wants a row.

Come along and have a go. If you enjoy it you are more than welcome to join the rowing club and help us get her in the water as often as possible.

Afterwards there will be a short meeting to discuss a few things. Not the least of which is how we are going to get her to Portsoy! Getting her, a trailer AND a vehicle to pull her on the ferry is not going to be cheap. But, we will find a way! Um, does anyone have a mini bus? 😉

Madadh Ruadh…

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Time to launch…

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It is with great pleasure that I can announce that the launch of the first Stornoway St Ayle’s Skiff will be taking place on Monday 20th June at 7pm at Cuddy Point. There will be live music and an opportunity for everyone to try their hand at the oars. Come along and have some fun!

We’ve worked long and hard to get her to this stage and I would like to thank everyone who has put time and effort into raising funds for her and building her. Especially my father, Kenny Macdonald, who put so much in to her and, as well as the bulk of the boat, made five oars and the rudder and tiller and did all the painting. Also to be thanked are Norrie Martin, Iain Smith, Ewan Thompson, Maggie Smith, Baptiste Migeon, Peter Soutar, Eilidh Scott, George Finnie, Kenny Morrison, Franzi Richter, James Morrison and Niall Ian Macdonald. Also a huge thank you goes to Angus Smith for the use of his clamps and to Barbara Ziehm for the use of her kettle (definitely the two most valuable aids to boatbuilding!). A community effort indeed!

A massive thank you goes to all the companies who have helped and sponsored us – Intelliscan, Stornoway Trust, Gaelforce, Western Isles Transport Preservation Group, D.R. Macleod, Dolphin Drilling and Talisman Energy.

It’s an oar of a job…

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Kenny Macdonald shaping the oar blade with an adze... and me wishing he had steel toe caps on!

A slightly more modern method for the next stage...

Fully undercoated and ready for a top coat and a name...

Meeting, Tuesday 17th May

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There will be a meeting – open to all and everybody welcome – at 8pm Tuesday 17th May. I am waiting for permission to hold it in the Carlton Lounge and will update the website as soon as I have the venue confirmed.  We need to choose a name for our skiff and decide what her colours will be. We also need to make plans for Launch Day, come up with some fundraising ideas for a trailer and lifejackets and workout where and how she will be kept so she is most accessible to the Stornoway community. Lots and lots to discuss! Please come along to the meeting… there will be cake 🙂